There is the assumption that "fit" means you eat diet food, live at the gym, and look a certain way.


Fit is the sweet spot between extremes of all things diet/exercise and never leaving the sofa or putting down the chips.
Fit is when you eat to nourish your body instead of punish it.
Fit is when you exercise as a way to celebrate what your body can do instead of to "make your fat cry" or to punish it for what you've eaten.
Fit is when you can eat some chips or ice cream and walk away.
Fit is when your body asks for some veggies so you listen.
Fit is when you see your body as a vehicle instead of an ornament.
Fit is when you seek to enjoy life instead of obsessing over this bulge and that dimple.
Fit is recognizing what your actual needs are and then making sure you get them.
Fit is an evolution, not a destination.
Fit is a feeling, not a look.