• Carpool, counting calories, and snagging cat naps in between it all.  Sometimes the breaking point is the last cookie…eaten in hiding.
  • Exercise this way, real moms parent that way, be your true self (but not that way).  The pressure valve just might be found at the bottom of a bowl of ice cream.
  • So you know that most images are photoshopped and the reality is not perfection. “But, damn, if I could just have her abs!” STILL creeps into your head and eats at your confidence.

Mama, you are not alone!

The Fit Mom Revolution is all about helping you navigate social and internal pressures all while showing your body love with great food, exercise, and mindset.
Seem impossible? It's not when you have a revolution behind you.  Join us; it’s free!

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It may surprise you that I used to carry an extra SEVENTY pounds around on my body.  Through most of my adult life, I struggled with yo-yo dieting, low self-esteem, and the typical mom pressure of wanting to be everything to everyone.  It was hard. Exercising hurt, dieting hurt more, and the mental failure was the toughest to deal with.  You can read more about my personal transformation here.

Julie Stubblefield, before and after

Why start a revolution?

When I was seeking to change my body, I felt lost, alone, and isolated.  It seemed to me that I was the only one who was struggling.  In the age of social media, perfect images, and excess information, I felt that the ideal physique was unattainable by me.  For a long time, I thought, "why bother?"  This revolution is about creating a community for women, just like you, who want to feel better in their skin, no matter their size.  We are redefining what "fit" means and focusing less on the outside and more on the inside.

The Fit Mom Revolution is designed to help women overcome the OMP, which is Overwhelmed Mom Pressure.  Our goal is to achieve more by doing LESS.  Lifestyle adjustments, Exercising efficiently, Sleep and Stress management are the tools to creating a life we love and a body we deserve.

What will you find in the Fit Mom Revolution?

  • support
  • encouragement
  • strategies
  • recipes
  • workouts (efficient exercise)
  • real-life scenarios
  • insights into body change that you cannot find anywhere else

What will you NOT find in the Fit Mom Revolution?

  • calorie or point counting
  • excessive exercise
  • food or exercise "shaming"

Essentially, the Fit Mom Revolution is a safe place for moms to get support, strategies, and systems for feeling better on a daily basis.  Are YOU ready to join the Revolution?  We'd love to have you!