10 Reasons to Eat for Fat Loss

Before we get into 10 reasons to eat for fat loss, I have a statement to make.  Dieting is the fastest way to gain weight, feel miserable, compromise your mental and physical health.  Before you dismiss me, you may not realize that dieting covers many popular programs, like Whole30, 21 Day Sugar Detox (21DSD), Weight Watchers, Paleo (if you are not attached to the fundamental reasons for eating this way), Mediterranean Diet, Atkins Diet, hormonal diets, and, yes, even “clean eating.”

I could write a book about the flaws of each of these, but I’ll instead share the 3 top themes:

  1. There is an end point.  30 days, 21 days, when a number on the scale is reached.  Um, when that point is reached, what happens?  Do you suddenly need to never think about food again?  Do you stop eating?  Does sugar disappear from the earth?  Are you never faced with navigating life?  NO.  And these programs don’t give you any of the skills to do so.
  2. Willpower is the primary strategy to muscle through.  Willpower is a limited resource, so what happens when you run low?  That’s right!  You don’t learn that skill either.
  3. They actually don’t want you to succeed.  There are hundreds of groups with thousands of people who do a sugar detox a few times a year.  Why not just need it once?  Because it doesn’t work as a long-term strategy.  How often have you been off, on, off, on a diet?  How often was it the same one?  How many have you tried across your life?  There’s no judgment in whatever your answer is because we are all dragged through the mud of not-enough-ness so we can participate in the latest fad.  Gross.

I’ve been pretty lax in my descriptions of the diet world over the last year.  And now I’m done with that.  Because it helps no one.  Sure, it will draw criticism, but, if I get some people (like you) to think about how they are interacting with food and actually make some healthier, sustainable changes in their lives, it’s 100% worth it.

So let’s get busy with the top 10 reasons to eat for fat loss:

  1. No calorie counting, tracking, logging (you read that correctly)
  2. No foods are off-limits (again, you read that correctly)
  3. Hunger is kicked to the curb
  4. Cravings become guides instead of haunting thoughts
  5. Energy increases
  6. Sleep improves
  7. Inches lost….and kept off
  8. You can eat anywhere
  9. No need to pack the kitchen with you when you leave the house
  10. It’s sustainable…as in you can do this for the rest of your life

What IS this eating for fat loss?

It’s the primary way to nourish your body and it’s how to enjoy being around food again.  Go see all the FREE resources for you!