Hi!  I'm Julie Stubblefield, and I'm SO glad you're here.

When people ask what I do:

I am a Body Freedom Coach who helps women learn how to create a positive space to love their bodies with healthy mindset, exercise, and food. 

What I really want to say:

I help moms learn how to care for themselves amidst the craziness of caring for others.  I give virtual hugs, high fives, and hell yeahs.  I watch moms expand their confidence, grow their knowledge, and (finally) learn to treat their bodies with respect.  And it's the best 'job' in the world.

Here's the short story:

Fifteen years.  That's how long I spent yo-yo dieting.  Lose 30, gain 40.  Embarrassment and humiliation were the tip of the iceberg.  I couldn't figure out how to maintain a healthy body.  After years of effort, I was able to gain enough momentum to shed 70 pounds, and THAT's when the real work began.
Four years.  That's how long I've been in the fitness industry.  Fresh off the journey of losing my weight, I was inspired to help other women do the same.  Little did I know that the real shame about my body was about to begin.  See, I'm not your average health advocate.  I'm not as lean as most, and I don't rock a solid midsection.  There is excess skin on the backs of my arms and on my belly.  I thought  my body had betrayed me for not looking the way my mind expected.  The effort to overcome disappointment was greater than it took to lose the weight.  But I did it.  I love my body, not in spite of what my body has endured, but because of it.  Over the years, I've been called out publicly and in private for not showing enough skin, for not having the "ideal physique," and for supposedly leading my clients astray for loving who they are.
Today.  I'm over it.  In a world of critics, I'm your cheerleader.  In a society aiming for perfection, I'm here to help you embrace who you are today.  In a climate of self-loathing, my goal is to give you freedom.  My story is just beginning.  It's not about the years I struggled and hated my body.  It's about the years I will celebrate myself and others because we are all creatures of beauty and deserving of self-love.  My story is the tidal wave of self-acceptance and the tsunami of confidence approaching.  It's the lifting up instead of putting down.  It's the growing instead of shrinking.  It's the stepping into the light instead of hiding in shame.
Wanna know the long version? Click here. +

I'm Julie Stubblefield, and I used carry an extra 70 pounds on my body, despite a solid 15 years of yo-yo dieting. "You aren't trying hard enough."  That was the phrase that a personal trainer said to me about 5 years ago.  Not trying hard enough?  Are you freaking kidding me? I spent hours at the gym and meticulously counted every single morsel that went into my mouth.  Effort was not something that I skimped on. Despite following his advice to the letter, I saw no change on the scale and my clothes felt tighter.  There was no effort on his part to help me reevaluate my plan to see if maybe he had done something wrong.  No.  It was all me.  What else did he say?  "You must be cheating or lying in your food journal."

Lazy and non-compliant.  That's all he could see.

I'm not sharing this with you for pity.  I'm sharing it because this exact same scenario is played out every single day, all over the place..maybe in your town, too.

The broad approach of the fitness industry is broken.

"Do it this way.  If you don't see results, then clearly there's something wrong with YOU." Sorry, but I say...bullshit.  The issue isn't with YOU.  The issue is with the fitness industry at large.  We are subject to guerrilla marketing..."Buy this, it's easy!  All you have to do is x, y, and z and all your problems will be solved." One plan doesn't work so we hop to another, and another, and another.

Changing your body may not be easy.

But it IS simple.

The sticking point is that coaches, trainers, and support teams have to be willing to stay around long enough to see you through, to help you make adjustments, to help you figure out what is right for YOU.  And, sadly, many aren't in it for the commitment. The other tricky part is that YOU have to be willing to be patient, to listen to your body, and to have times when you aren't seeing results in order to gain insights about your body.  You have to work through the harder parts instead of continuing to search for the 'perfect plan.' I'm in this for the long haul, not just for my own health, but for yours, too.  I'm determined to create a community of support I couldn't find for myself when I was working on my body AND mind.  There's no comply or die. There's no labeling.  There's no stigma. There's old-fashioned work, a lot of heart, and amazing satisfaction.  Care to join me?

If you are looking for a fresh perspective, stop here.

I help you clear a path to feeling at home in your body, a sensation that most have forgotten.  What many are afraid to say is what I shout from the mountain tops (or counter tops):

There is NO perfect way to eat or exercise...only the perfect way for YOUR body.

There is NO perfect way to think about yourself...only the perfect way for YOUR mind.

Let's create your own perfect plan together.