I have a somewhat radical belief about my body (and your body):

You can love your body just the way it is right now AND seek to lose fat at the same time.

Yep.  True story.

No, not everyone feels that way (fitness professionals included). Some feel like you can only love your body if you swear to never change it. And some feel that you can only love your body after you change it (hello drastic weight loss).

See, I don't believe either of those to be true. I call total BS.

In fact, when you take better care of your body because you love it, fat loss comes naturally. And actually, maintaining it is the same.

Yes, I’m a fitness professional, but like you (and everyone), I’m imperfect. But me? I embrace the hell outta that while still loving me (and my stretch-marked, cellulite speckled, loose skinned body).

And maybe, like you, too… sometimes (er, all of the time) I’m a bit quirky and silly.

Want proof? Here it is:

  • I LOVE owls. No, not the cartoony ones that are all the rage. The REAL owls and the life-like illustrations/representations of them. It almost rivals my obsession with coffee. I said ALMOST.  
  • I have an uncanny ability to remember odd details about people's’ lives...to the point that I have to scale back what I talk to people about them because it comes off as creepy. But I can't remember where my keys are, so there’s that.
  • I love just about any type of music. If it has a beat, I will dance to it like a hippie at Woodstock (much to the embarrassment of most of my family).
  • I don't have the classic "fit body" most have come to expect from coaches.  I have stretch marks, cellulite, and excess skin (from losing 70 pounds). I have wrinkles and gray hairs.  And I don't care. It's my body and I love it, even if it's not the "perfect example" of the human form.
  • I'm a wife to the guy who's made my heart flutter for 20 years and the mom to 2 teenage boys who teach me new things about life and love every single day.  
  • I will drive 90 minutes to be able to sit on the sand and watch the water for an hour and I do it often.  


Now that you know some awkward details about me… Here’s my whole (well, almost) story:


Fifteen looong years- That's the time I spent yo-yo dieting. Lose 30, gain 40. You probably know the drill.

Embarrassment and humiliation were just the tip of the iceberg for me. I could not figure out how to maintain a healthy body. After all of those years of effort, I was finally able to gain enough momentum to shed 70 pounds, and THAT's when the real work in my life began.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for five years now. I was bright eyed and fresh off the journey of losing my weight and was super inspired to help other women do the same because clearly our system is broken. Even with a multi-billion dollar “health and wellness” industry, we’re the fattest and unhealthiest we’ve ever been. Sad, right?

Little did I know that the real shame about my body was about to begin AFTER my weight loss. Even though I’d reached my goals, the excess skin on the backs of my arms and on my belly told a different story. I thought I’d feel great about myself but instead I felt like my body had betrayed me for not looking the way my mind expected it to after all of this work.  

I even had some people calling me out because I didn’t show enough skin and I didn’t fit the mold of what other health professionals looked like. Someone even said I was “leading my clients astray” for loving who they are, as they are right now  (as if imperfection isn’t acceptable)... yes, someone actually said that to me!

Silly, right?

See, I'm not your average health advocate. Yes, I’m healthy but I'm not as lean as many health coaches you see, and I don't rock a solid midsection like the magazine covers.  

The effort to overcome that disappointment was so much more than it took to lose the weight for me. It was some serious mind training that I had to learn… but guess what? I did it!

I love my body now, not in spite of what it has endured, but because of it.

See, that’s the thing- I want you to feel amazing about your body that is healthy, energetic and vibrant… damned what other people think and no matter what stretch marks, loose skin or other :flaws" you think you have. Consider of all that your body has done for you!

In a world of critics, I'm your cheerleader. In a society aiming for perfection, I'm here to help you love your imperfections because they are a part of you. In a climate of self-loathing, my goal is to give you freedom.

My story is just beginning and I tell it so that it will inspire you to create your own story. It's not about the years you’ve struggled and hated your body.  It's about the years we will celebrate ourselves and others around us because we are all beautiful and deserving of love… starting with the love of and compassion for ourselves.  

Let your story be a tidal wave of self-acceptance and the tsunami of confidence approaching.  It's the lifting up instead of putting down.  It's the growing instead of shrinking.  It's the stepping into the light instead of hiding in shame.

I’m ready to help you start your story.

You can love your body and lose fat.

You can lose fat and not feel flawed before or "after."

If you’re ready to love who you are, how you are, as you cruise your way to health, let's chat.