"Without your story, you're perfectly fine."

-- Byron Katie

We tell ourselves stories every day:

I'm fat.  I can't be loved.  I can't control myself around food.  I'm lazy.  I can't get healthy.  I don't know how to make time for myself.  I will always feel, look, act, react this way.

Without those stories, we'd be perfectly fine.  Notice that I didn't call them excuses.  It's because they aren't.  These are the stories you tell yourself every day because of assumptions, past experiences, lost hope.

 Just because these have been your stories, because you created them many moons ago, because they feel like part of every fiber of your body, they are not a life sentence.

You can abandon them.  At any time.  With practice and patience.  And guidance and support.

When we work together, you'll lose the weight on your shoulders and in your heart.  Your mind gets quiet.  Your life feels peaceful.  Your body gets relaxed.  Your energy surges.

Making healthy food choices becomes infinitely easier.  Moving your body is enjoyable.

You spend less time thinking about food, counting, prep, schedules, and more.  You gain confidence and trust in your own decisions.

Working together is filled with love, support, gentle nudges, and sacred spaces.  It's free of shame, judgment, and pressure.

I work with women who are tired of the game, the cycle, the never ending guilt trip, and the persistent feeling of being stuck with food, exercise, and how they view their body.

I support women who are ready to stop talking bad about their bodies, feeling shame about how they eat, and starting over on Monday.

I embolden women to lead the life, body, and family they crave.

Shall we work together?

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