EP 033: Shame, self-care, and how to nurture your life with Nikki Brocco

Today’s episode is about how to identify shame, how to navigate it with self-care, and how to nurture your life for rich experiences.  Nikki Brocco joins us for a great discussion!

Nikki Brocco is a Highly Sensitive Empowerment Coach that supports women & men with tenacious attitudes live a joyously sensitive and awesome life through her private coaching practice. Her sweet spot is guiding those that are overwhelmed by their sensitivity into a space of clarity and fierce energy management (with an extra dose of self-care!). In addition to being a Highly Sensitive Warrior she has a background in fashion, is a Certified Health Coach and has additional training in Intuitive Eating. She is a lover of all things body positivity, spirituality, the TV show Outlander, and is currently taking votes for what her next hair color (currently bright orange) should be! You can learn more at www.nikkibrocco.com where if you sign up for the newsletter you’ll receive a free, very thorough guidebook designed for those in need of a serious morning routine overhaul!  


Connect with Nikki here:   www.facebook.com/nikkibroccocoach  and  www.instagram.com/nikki.brocco



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