The food we feed our families doesn’t have to be perfect

But it can be better

Creating your Fit Family Formula is about increasing awareness and ease with food, movement, and attitude

After I cleaned up how I was feeding my body and lost 70 pounds, I started to really look at how I was feeding my family.  And I was mortified.  Here I was, spending all this time and attention on my own body, and I was ignoring what they needed.  In an effort to just get through the week, my hubby ate a ton of takeout and my kids lived off of pizza and chicken nuggets.

Before you click away, we all still have takeout and pizza and chicken nuggets. Don’t think for a second that I’m about to climb on a high horse and tell you that we only eat clean, organic foods, because that would be a bold-faced lie.  And that’s not how I roll.

But something needed to change.  From tantrums and unusual nervousness to a little extra weight and eczema, my kids deserved a second look at what I was feeding them.  And my hubby’s snoring and lethargic evenings were a bit much for his age, even though he was at a healthy weight.

It was time to look into the rest of the pantry and fridge.  And I was afraid of what I would see.  It’s not like I didn’t already know what was there.  After all, I had bought it all.  But it was scary to acknowledge really SEE it.  And it was overwhelming to think about taking away all of their favorite foods, dealing with the power struggle over cookies, and to recognize that I had put us in this place.  As the main food buyer, it was my fault.  Talk about feeling guilty!

Then I remembered that feeling guilty and worried wasn’t going to help my family, so I decided to just start with something.

Believe it or not, I didn’t start with taking away junk food.  In fact, I didn’t take anything away.  I added in veggies.  That’s it.

Then we progressed to more fresh fruit.

And then we started paying attention to how other foods made everyone feel.  And THEN we talked about portions and the foods that made us feel fast or slow.

Within 6 months, our family was eating healthy foods most of the time that supported growing bodies and developing minds.  There were no food battles.  There was no overhaul of the fridge or banning foods from our lives.  We still had cookies and ice cream at home, and the chicken nuggets were still on standby for those days that got crazier than expected.

With introducing new foods, decreasing some others, and having open conversations about how food makes us feel, behave, and grow, our daily lives transformed.

Fewer tantrums.  Better sleep.  Spare tires melted.  More smiles.  More veggies.  More pride.  Less stress over school.  Increased confidence.  More movement.  Less TV.  Less juice.  More water.  Less bouncing off the walls.  More energy for life.  More family engagement.

See, the food we eat is more than just about weight gain or health metrics.  It’s about how our cells can repair themselves, how kids can grow, and so.much.more.  Putting better foods in our bodies reduces stress, improves sleep, and spills into every crevice of our lives.

The food we eat doesn’t have to be perfect.  But it can be better.

  • If you’ve considered that your family could maybe use some more veggies, then you are probably right.  
  • If you’ve wondered if your family is missing out on some of the benefits of healthier choices, you are correct.
  • And if you’ve wondered if it’s time to have “the talk” with the people who raid your pantry about making different choices, it is.

I know where you are right now, because I was there.  

Let me help you take the next step.


Feeding your family doesn’t need to be stressful OR shameful.    It can be simple and rewarding.

Talking about food, bodies and change doesn’t need to be scary.  It can actually be fun.

It’s time to create your own Fit Family Formula, and we can do it together


When we work together, here’s what you can expect:


60-minute consultation to cover:

  • what your family is eating
  • what you think you need to change
  • exercise and movement habits (yep, they are different!)
  • food sensitivities
  • daily life
  • Any other concerns

We will dig deep into the heart of your household and where your biggest challenges are.

After 2 weeks, you’ll get a Fit Family Formula made just for YOUR family, complete with action steps, timelines, and how to avoid pitfalls and obstacles.  You’ll get tips on HOW and WHEN to talk to your family, how to navigate the “I don’t want to eat that,” and when to introduce and when to reduce.

We’ll hold a 30-minute call to review the plan, go over questions, and make adjustments as necessary.

Then you’ll start putting your Fit Family Formula into action, without an overhaul of your kitchen and without being the mean mom who takes away everyone’s favorite foods.

After a month of using your Fit Family Formula, we’ll hold a 30-minute check-in call and make any final adjustments.

If you opt for the extended plan, we’ll talk once a month for 30-minutes and adjust as needed.

Raising a happy and healthy family doesn’t have to be stressful OR expensive.  It can be rewarding, collaborative, and budget-friendly.

Ready to create YOUR Fit Family Formula together? I can’t wait to work with you!

Fit Family Formula

Phone calls:

  • 60-minute consultation
  • 30-minute review 2 weeks later
  • 30-minute follow up in 30 days

What you will receive:

  • Which foods to increase first and how
  • Which foods to decrease first and how
  • Which types of exercise to introduce and how
  • Which types of movement to introduce and how
  • Tips on managing healthy foods on a budget
  • Keeping the “I don’t like that” at bay
  • Getting the family involved in food choices, prep, and cleanup
  • How to know if your family is benefitting from your changes
  • How to talk about making food changes

What you will not receive:

A meal plan or a recipe guide.  Why?  Because meal plans don’t actually advocate change, especially in families.  They tie you to a rigorous checklist that’s destined to bring failure and frustration.  I’m committed to your success and your fit family.

Investment: $400

Extended Support

All of the above, plus 3 more 30-minute calls at monthly intervals, email support, and adjustments as needed until the final 30-minute call

Investment:  $750 

(payment plans available upon request)