Love Your BODcast is a short podcast, released each Tuesday.  Many solo episodes with just Julie Stubblefield are less than 15 minutes, and most interviews are roughly 30 minutes.

Why listen to a podcast?  It gives you a fresh way to get info, expand your thinking, take in new ideas.  Love Your BODcast is free to listen to and super easy to access!  Some favorite ways to enjoy podcasts is to listen while cleaning, driving carpool, going for a walk, over morning coffee, or while winding down for the day.  If you listen in a app (described below), it will hold your place, if you need to stop listening and come back to it, just like an automatic bookmark for your ears.

You can subscribe in iTunes on your desktop or your podcast app by clicking the image below and  then clicking the "subscribe" button.

podcastIf you don't have access to iTunes, you can subscribe via Stitcher Radio: stitcher-banner-180x120