You can’t be fixed because you aren’t broken

This is the time of year when all of your “flaws” are pointed out to you.  Lose inches, burn fat rolls, trim here, tone that.  The diet industry wants you to believe that there is something very wrong with you.  The diet industry believes it can “fix” you.  Well, my friend, they are wrong.  You can’t be fixed because you aren’t broken.

According to the recent marketing trends, the perfect body is just a program, supplement, or workout away.  Packing colored containers, eating like a caveman, cleansing your cells, detoxing your body, and removing all sugar from your life:  just the tip of iceberg.  All of these imply that you, your life, and your body are broken.  They demonize certain choices and reward others.  You are broken so you need that diet and you are broken if you can’t stick to it.

No, no, NO!

YOU are not broken.  Not in the slightest way!

If you only take care of your body as if it’s broken, you will never be able to see it is already whole.

If you take a look at your kids, do you only see what you want to change?  Do you focus on certain aspects that you wish looked, behaved, felt different?  Do you consider your kids to be broken?  NO!  Why?  Because you are looking at the person as the whole.

You are no different!

Our society spends far too much time focusing on specific details, like counting calories, pounding supplements, and more without consideration to what we are doing to the person as a whole.

Diets create restriction and the feeling of deprivation.  That’s harmful to the psychological side of taking care of ourselves.

Diets create a punish-reward system with food.  That’s harmful to the emotional side of taking care of ourselves.

Diets create a cycle of on and off, over and over again.  That’s harmful to the physical side of what happens to our muscles, organs, and metabolism.

When you put too much focus on counting, restriction, and trying to be “good,” you lose sight of the whole person:  YOURSELF.  You know, the one who wants to enjoy life, feel secure in the world, and skip being attached to food all of the time.

What happens when you focus on the WHOLE YOU?  A lot.

  • You naturally want to nourish your entire body
  • Self-care becomes a priority
  • You no longer punish and restrict because it just doesn’t feel good on you
  • Food choices no longer fall into two categories:  good or bad
  • You physically feel better because it’s easier to choose foods that make your body feel GOOD
  • Sleep improves
  • Cravings decrease
  • You finally feel free of the shackles of a diet – mentally, physically, emotionally

Maybe all of this feels foreign to you.  The diet industry has programmed us to believe that we have to suffer in order to be healthy.  Think about that phrase for a minute.  Suffer to be healthy.  What part of suffering is healthy…mentally, physically, or emotionally?  NONE of it.

If you’d like to learn more about taking care of the entire you, not just the calorie-counting, junk-food-banning side of you, go check out these free resources, made just for YOU!

Remember that the diet industry brings in at least $60 BILLION a year and has a failure rate of at least 90%.  You, my dear, are not broken.