Podcast Miniseries:

Overweight to Orthorexic, a story of control, sympathy, and love

This series is about my journey from being overweight to dealing with orthorexia and finding a happy space in between.  It’s a part that I’ve never shared publicly before and I’ve rarely shared in private.

Until now, I’ve kept it to myself because there’s a lot of shame attached to some behaviors I used to have, thoughts that used to run my days, and feelings of inadequacy in all of the stages of my physique.

But sharing this gives me freedom.  Because, just like Brene’ Brown says, shame can’t exist when it’s been exposed, shared, loved.  And this gives you freedom, too, because maybe you can relate to pieces of what I’m about to share.  It’s my hope that you will simply listen with an open mind and an easy heart.

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Part Four, the Finale:  just click play!

Could you hear yourself in any of these episodes?  Were you inspired to do anything differently in your relationship to food, to yourself, to your life?  I'd love to hear from you.  Email me:  julie [at] fitmomrevolution [dot] com.

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